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Watermain Construction on Southwest Highway from Cicero Avenue to Central Avenue

Post Date:11/21/2017

Dear Residents and Business Owners:

As part of the Village’s Regional Water System Improvements Program, a potable watermain will be installed along Southwest Highway from Kilbourn Avenue to Marion Avenue starting in November 2017 and ending in the summer of 2019.

The first phase of construction, which will be conducted along Southwest Highway between Cicero Avenue and Central Avenue, will begin in 2 weeks. Traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction along Southwest Highway through the construction zone. The intersections of the following streets on the south side of Southwest Highway will be closed:

49th Avenue                                     Raymond Avenue                                                                               

49th Court                                         53rd Avenue

50th Avenue                                     53rd Court

Sproat Avenue                                54th Avenue

51st Avenue                                     54th Court

Tulley Avenue                                55th Avenue           

52nd Avenue                                    55th Court

Additionally, all alley intersections on the south side of Southwest Highway will be closed. During this time, no southbound turns will be allowed onto the above-listed streets and alleys from Southwest Highway, and no northbound traffic from these streets and alleys will be allowed to turn onto Southwest Highway. Please refer to the attached figure showing the street closures and turn restrictions. Signs will be posted and traffic control devices such as construction barrels and concrete barriers will be placed to direct traffic.

Access to driveways will be maintained with only minor disruptions required when the watermain is being installed in the immediate vicinity of your residence. If construction barrels are in front of your driveway, they may be accessed by turning right from Southwest Highway. If a concrete barrier is in front of your driveway, please pull fully into the construction zone through the construction barrels placed before the concrete barrier and wait for further instruction. Access from driveways will be allowed by turning right onto Southwest Highway.

Please note that no left turns from Southwest Highway are allowed throughout the entire length of the construction zone. Oak Lawn Police Department will be monitoring the construction zone regularly to ensure that traffic flow is not interrupted by left turns.

Your water service will not be interrupted during construction. Other services, such as garbage removal, will also proceed uninterrupted.

Once the watermain has been installed, the roadway and other concrete or asphalt areas will be restored using temporary pavement. The final pavement will be restored in 2018. The grassed areas between the roadway curb and sidewalk will be restored in the summer of 2018. These areas will receive an initial watering by the contractor; it is then suggested that homeowners water any grassed areas for 2-3 hours twice a week. This will result in healthy, attractive grass.

We appreciate your cooperation during this project. Every attempt will be made to minimize interference with local activities, and roads will be reopened as soon as temporary pavement can be placed and construction activities have progressed further down Southwest Highway. However, residents are advised to exercise caution around construction activities and equipment, and obey all posted traffic signs.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Village Water Division Manager Dave Leslie at 708-499-7746 or the Village Public Works Director Steve Barrett at 708-499-7749.


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