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  • Department:_Default, Executive, Buisness Development , Public Works, Community Development, ETSB, Family Services, Finance, Fire, HR, Police, Senior Center, IT, Eco Devo, Oak Lawn Community Partnership, Special Events
  • RFP Number:BID #2018-02-a
  • Start Date:03/27/2018 9:23 AM
  • Close Date:04/26/2018

This mixture shall conform to the material requirements of Section 405 of Standard Specifications.  The Bituminous material shall be limited to asphalt AC 120-150 or AC 100-200.  The AC and regrade should be limited to CA 16 gradation.  Approximately 500 tons of binder and 1,000 tons of surface asphalt will be picked up by our trucks ranging in amounts of one (1) ton loads thru seventeen (17) ton loads.  Street Division Manager will make final determination of quantity.   Prices should remain firm thru

April 30, 2019


NOTE:                For comparison of bids for the lists for which bids are taken F.O.B. trucks at the mixing plant, a hauling differential of $1.00 per ton/mile between the Village garage and mixing plant will be used to determine the low bidder. (Round trip)



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