The Village of Oak Lawn Water Division has contracted M.E. Simpson to perform necessary and preventative maintenance of the distribution system to ensure proper operation.

Accumulated sediment in the water main and fire hydrants will be flushed during normal business hours

Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Beginning September 25th through September 26th 2017

While flushing is underway short temporary periods of low pressure and discolored water can be expected, but DOES NOT present a health hazard.

To restore clarity to your tap water use a faucet with the aerator removed, or use a laundry sink faucet without an aerator, and flow the cold water until it clears.

M.E. Simpson will give notification by placing signs in the parkways of the areas they are working in. Questions call Water Department 708-499-7747

                     Locations of system maintenance are:

                     95th Street to 99th Street, Nashville to Harlem.

                     Please refrain from doing Laundry during these times if Possible


Any questions regarding this Flush Program may be directed to the Water Division at 708-499-7747.

Bid and RFP

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Leasing of Digital Multifunctioning Devices

  • Department:_Default, Executive, Buisness Development , Public Works, Community Development, ETSB, Family Services, Finance, Fire, HR, Police, Senior Center, IT, Eco Devo, Oak Lawn Community Partnership, Special Events
  • RFP Number:Leasing of Digital Multifunctioning Devices
  • Start Date:02/06/2017 4:09 PM
  • Close Date:02/23/2017

Leasing of Digital Multifunctioning Devices
For Copying, Printing, Scanning and Support Services
The Village of Oak Lawn, Illinois (“Village”) and the Oak Lawn Park District (“Park District”)
have issued this joint Request for Proposals (“RFP”) to invite qualified vendors to submit
responses for the leasing of digital multifunctioning devices for copying, printing, scanning
along with support services. Each party is requesting a separate quote and has a right to choose
any particular vendor separate from the other requesting party of this RFP.
Proposals will be accepted until 5:00 P.M. on February 24, 2017. Firms must submit three (3)
hard copies and one (1) digital copy in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside “Sealed
Proposal for leasing of multifunctional copier/printing/scanner devices and support
services.” Hard copies of the proposals must be mailed or physically delivered to: Village of Oak
Lawn, Village Clerks Office. 2nd Floor, 9446 S. Raymond Ave., Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453.
Electronic copies of the proposals must be emailed to the two contact parties listed below.
All proposals submitted must include all the information and documents as requested in the RFP.
All proposals received after the submission deadline will be rejected and returned unopened.
Proposal packets are available online at in the “Government” section, under
“Bid and RFP” or at the Oak Lawn Village Hall, 9446 S. Raymond Ave., Oak Lawn, Illinois
60453 and the Park District Website at:
The Village and Park District reserve the right to select consultants from the responses received;
to waive any or all informalities and / or irregularities; to re-advertise with either an identical or
revised scope, or to cancel any requirement in its entirety; or to reject any or all proposals
received. The Village and Park District also reserves the right to approve any subcontractors
used by submitting firms.
A response to this RFP does not constitute a formal bid, therefore, the requesting parties retain
the right to contact any / all proposing firms after submittal in order to obtain supplemental
information and / or clarification in either oral or written form. Furthermore, an explicit
provision of this RFP is that any oral communication made is not binding on the proposal

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Addendum 1 Questions and Answers

Addendum 2 Revised Equipment List from the Park District


For further information and questions, please contact:
Village of Oak Lawn
Thomas Swaw, IT Lead
Oak Lawn Park District
Phil Costello, Superintendent

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