With the 4th of July less than a month away, we want to make your celebration with us as smooth as possible. Please find parking information that will be in effect during the Oak Lawn Park District and Village of Oak Lawn’s Fireworks display at Richards High School, 10601 Central Ave., along with the Oak Lawn Park District’s Party in the Park event at Memorial Park, 102nd & Major, on Wednesday, July 4th: 

Richard High School’s entire South Lot on 107th Street will be closed for resurfacing.

107th Street will be closed to traffic. 

Parking during these events will be available at the following locations:

* Oak Lawn Park District Racquet, Fitness & Gymnastics Center, 10444 S. Central Ave. *

* Wolfe Wildlife Refuge, 109th St. & Kostner Ave. (police patrols on the paths guiding patrons to the Fireworks display) *

* Memorial Park, 102nd & Major *

* Oak Lawn Park District’s Stony Creek Golf Course, Restaurant & Banquets, 5850 W. 103rd St. *


The Fire Suppression portion of your fire department is comprised of 70 shift personnel, scheduled in a platoon format.  Each is scheduled on one of the three shifts on a 24/48 schedule, which is a 56-hour work week. 

Each of the three shifts make up is as follows:

Battalion Chief – (3)

Each shift has one (1) Battalion Chief who is responsible for all emergency incidents within the entire Village on their given shift day.

Captain – (3)

Each shift has one (1) Captain who is second in command under the Battalion Chief.  In the Battalion Chiefs absence the Captain assumes the shift commander role.  There are three Captains in total, each responsible for one of the three fire stations in Oak Lawn.

Lieutenant – (12)

Each shift has four (4) Lieutenants (company officers) who respond to all calls assigned to their company.  They are the “working supervisors” of the Oak Lawn suppression apparatus.

Engineer – (18)

Each shift has six (6) Engineers who are the driver / operator of the Oak Lawn suppression apparatus.  They are responsible for getting the crew to your emergency in the quickest and safest manner possible.  The Engineer is second in command to the Lieutenant and assumes the role of company officer in their absence. 

Firefighter/Paramedic – (24)

Each shift has eight (8) licensed paramedics who staff each of the three (3) Advanced Life Support Ambulances as well as the suppression companies.  Each firefighter / paramedic is cross trained as a certified firefighter as well as a licensed paramedic.  The paramedics are certified under the umbrella of Advocate Christ Medical Center.

Firefighter – (10)

Each shift has approximately four (4) firefighters who are state certified.  Their role is to staff the suppression companies for firefighting as well as ambulance calls.  Each fire fighter is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician.