Traffic Unit


The traffic unit fulfills many special duties and responsibilities on a regular basis. The officers assigned to the unit respond to traffic related citizen complaints and take the necessary action to resolve or manage the problem. They investigate major traffic crashes and follow up on hit and run investigations. They also initiate selective enforcement using specialized equipment. These and other duties require a traffic officer to undergo intensive training in such fields as major crash investigation and reconstruction, RADAR and LIDAR procedures and implementation, and truck inspection and overweight enforcement. Traffic officer duties and responsibilities include the following.

• S.M.A.R.T. trailer implementation.
• Traffic surveys
• Traffic Control
• Roadside Safety Checks
• Child Safety Seat Inspection
• School Zone Enforcement Details
• Red Light Photo Enforcement
• And much more..

Red Light Photo Locations

Northbound Southwest Hwy at 97th St.
Northbound Cicero Ave at 95th St. 
Eastbound 95th St at Cicero Ave. 
Westbound 95th St at Ridgeland Ave.