The Village of Oak Lawn Water Division has contracted M.E. Simpson to perform necessary and preventative maintenance of the distribution system to ensure proper operation.

Accumulated sediment in the water main and fire hydrants will be flushed during normal business hours

Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Beginning September 25th through September 26th 2017

While flushing is underway short temporary periods of low pressure and discolored water can be expected, but DOES NOT present a health hazard.

To restore clarity to your tap water use a faucet with the aerator removed, or use a laundry sink faucet without an aerator, and flow the cold water until it clears.

M.E. Simpson will give notification by placing signs in the parkways of the areas they are working in. Questions call Water Department 708-499-7747

                     Locations of system maintenance are:

                     95th Street to 99th Street, Nashville to Harlem.

                     Please refrain from doing Laundry during these times if Possible


Any questions regarding this Flush Program may be directed to the Water Division at 708-499-7747.


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