OFFICIAL NOTICE STREETS DIVISION / STREET SWEEPING is to begin on Monday, October 16, 2017.  The process will take two weeks the first time out and residents are asked to have their vehicles off the streets on the day designated for their area.This will ensure that the streets are swept without the hindrance of parked cars.


Sidewalk Program

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The Village of Oak Lawn offers two sidewalk programs.

The 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program which is a shared cost program through which the Village and the residents share the cost of removal and replacement of sidewalks in front of their home.

Mud jacking Program is a controlled lift of sunken sidewalk squares or concrete slabs. Concrete is hydraulically pumped underneath the affected area through carefully drilled holes. The pumped concrete fills the voids that are present underground which then causes the sidewalk or slab to lift. The sidewalk is also cut with a saw to prevent breakage. There is no charge for this service. The Village will come out and inspect your sidewalks to ensure that they are a good candidate for this process.


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