Appeals Board

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 Members of this Board are:

 Michael Clifford
 Debra Crowley
 Alex Kazmierczak
 Jay Lurquin
 Michael Sutko
 Andy Skoundrianos
 Jean Werner


The Appeals Board was re-established in 1993 and meets on the first Wednesday of each month at the Village Municipal Center.  This Board consists of seven members who are appointed by the Village President with the consent of the Board of Trustees.    

The Appeals Board of the Village of Oak Lawn has jurisdiction to hear and decide appeals from any order, requirement, decision or determination made by a properly designated Administrative Officer in the enforcement of the zoning ordinances, business regulations, general building regulations and related regulations and ordinances, except for matters under the jurisdiction of the Planning and Development Commission.  

An aggrieved person or the agent of an aggrieved person shall make an appeal, by filing a notice of appeal with the Office of Quality Control specifying the grounds thereof.   

Petitions before the Appeals Board include limited variations from ordinance requirements governing the setbacks for main buildings and accessory buildings, off-street parking, gross floor area, maximum land coverage, non-conforming use, structure height, landscaping requirements, restaurant requests, driveway widths, area and height placement of signs, and placement of air conditioning condensers.  Decisions by the Appeals Board on the various petitions are made after hearing the petitioner's testimony and the Board members having personally visited and observed the respective sites.  Appeals, which exceed the jurisdiction of the Appeals Board, but thought to be within reason, are forwarded to the Village Board of Trustees.  

Abutting property owners are notified by the petitioner when a variation is requested and they are given the opportunity to concur or object to the variation being sought.