With the 4th of July less than a month away, we want to make your celebration with us as smooth as possible. Please find parking information that will be in effect during the Oak Lawn Park District and Village of Oak Lawn’s Fireworks display at Richards High School, 10601 Central Ave., along with the Oak Lawn Park District’s Party in the Park event at Memorial Park, 102nd & Major, on Wednesday, July 4th: 

Richard High School’s entire South Lot on 107th Street will be closed for resurfacing.

107th Street will be closed to traffic. 

Parking during these events will be available at the following locations:

* Oak Lawn Park District Racquet, Fitness & Gymnastics Center, 10444 S. Central Ave. *

* Wolfe Wildlife Refuge, 109th St. & Kostner Ave. (police patrols on the paths guiding patrons to the Fireworks display) *

* Memorial Park, 102nd & Major *

* Oak Lawn Park District’s Stony Creek Golf Course, Restaurant & Banquets, 5850 W. 103rd St. *

Electrical Commission

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Members of this Commission are:

  Joe Lebarre   
  Redmond Lyons  
  Patrick Shea  
Staff  Jack Gallagher 499-7717 
Staff Chief George Sheets 499-7700

The Electrical Commission of the Village of Oak Lawn consists of six members who meet as necessary to consider changes to the electrical code regulations.  It is the duty of the Electrical Commission to recommend safe and practical standards for the installation, alteration and use of electrical conductors and equipment. 

State of Illinois statute (65 ILCS 5/11-37-2) provides that there must be an official electrical commission consisting of the Fire Chief, a professional engineer, an electrical contractor, an electrical journeyman, a representative of the local utility company and the chief electrical inspector of the municipality.  State statute also provides that unless there is such an electrical commission comprised of the above membership, a municipality cannot adopt an electrical code, issue electrical permits, make electrical inspections nor collect fees for any of the above functions.  The Village of Oak Lawn Electrical Commission has been in existence since the early 1950's.  

In 2000, the Electrical Commission performed a complete review of electrical regulations and submitted several changes for recommendation to upgrade the electrical code.  These recommended changes were approved by the Village President and Board of Trustees and adopted into the Village code.  The Commission also revised its list of communities from which supervising electrician licenses are recognized by the Village of Oak Lawn. In addition, all electrical contractors are now required to register with the Village and pay the required registration fee.