Fair Housing Commisson

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Members of this Commission are:

   Chairman Mary Ellen Stalker   
   Jean Beyer  
   John Dorgan  
   Patricia Marek  
   Laurentine Grady  
 Staff  Suzanne Kelly 499-7769 


The Fair Housing Commission of the Village of Oak Lawn is comprised of six members, five from the six Village districts, plus a member appointed by the Village President.  Additional unofficial members representing the Village staff is the Village Grant Administrator.  Village Board members, landlords, real estate sales professionals, real estate brokers, officers and employees of financial institutions (that lend money for real estate acquisition) and attorneys (who engage in real estate transactions within the Village) are prohibited from serving on the Fair Housing Commission.  

The Fair Housing Commission meets four times per year on the third Tuesday of each designated month.  The suggested meeting months are January, April, July and October. The purpose of the Commission is to review fair housing practices and to review any complaints filed against the Village regarding housing discrimination.