OFFICIAL NOTICE STREETS DIVISION / STREET SWEEPING is to begin on Monday, November 27th The process will take two weeks the first time out and residents are asked to have their vehicles off the streets on the day designated for their area.This will ensure that the streets are swept without the hindrance of parked cars.


Staff Directory

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Pacetti, JamesPolice Community Relations OfficerPolice(708) 499-7880
Palmer, RandyPolice Division ChiefPolice(708) 499-7796
Pawlowski, RogerPolice Division ChiefPolice(708) 499-7727
Phelan, JudyPurchasing DepartmentFinance(708) 499-7765
Police Detective Supervisors, Police Detective SupervisorsPolice(708) 499-7729
Police Lockup and Booking, Police Lockup and BookingPolice(708) 499-7736
Police Non Emergency, Police Non EmergencyPolice(708) 422-8292
Police Property Room, Police Property RoomPolice(708) 499-7731
Police Records Section, Police Records SectionPolice(708) 499-7725
Police Traffic Division, Police Traffic DivisionPolice(708) 499-7789
Police Watch Commander, Police Watch CommanderPolice(708) 499-7730