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The winter season is approaching! If you have students, athletes, or a general interest in volunteering, Oak Lawn could use your help. Every winter we promote the Senior Snow Shovel Program. It is an opportunity to fulfill service hours and to help senior citizens with the arduous task of clearing their driveway. This program utilizes volunteers from the community to help those in need within the community. 

The Oak Lawn Senior Snow Shovel Program matches volunteers to seniors. Volunteers are asked to make a commitment to clearing the snow, 24-48 hours after the snowfall. Volunteers will have designated areas relative to their location in which they will take responsibility. The sign up form is located at http://oaklawn-il.gov under the “Residents” tab. There is a form for volunteers and for seniors.

What we need on top of the benefaction of the volunteers is a team to call in for the heavy snowfalls. This team would ideally be around 10 dedicated members to help balance the workload. Of course, if any more are willing, we sure could use them too. We understand these volunteers have commitments of their own throughout the season. Homework, sports, and their family may take priority at times, effective communication can mitigate this issue. The dedicated team we are looking for, can be the solution seniors in the community need. 

Sign-up begins October 15 and ends November 15.

Contact me if you have any questions.