Credit Ratings Reports

As part of the issuance of General Obligation Bonds, the Village of Oak Lawn engages one or more credit rating agencies to provide a rate that reflects the independent opinion on the credit worthiness of the Village to make timely payments of principal and interest on the debt.  This credit rating is re-examined annually by recognized ratings agencies.  The Village is evaluated by Moody's and Standard and Poor's (S&P) agencies.  Prior to the issuance of new bonds, and during their annual review, these agencies evaluate the issuer's financial condition through a review of all published financial reports (audits and budgets) and through an interview of Village management staff.

Please contact the Finance Department at (708) 499-7777 for additional information.
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Standard & Poor's7 documents

Village of Oak Lawn6 documents

  • S&P Credit Rating Report FY22 dated 02-15-2022
    document _recordid 521
  • S&P Credit Rating Report FY20 dated 11-24-2020.pdf
    document _recordid 529
  • S&P Credit Rating Report FY18 dated 11-12-2018.pdf
    document _recordid 533
  • S&P Credit Rating Report FY17 dated 06-23-2017.pdf
    document _recordid 534
  • S&P Credit Rating Report FY15 dated 11-20-2015.PDF
    document _recordid 535
  • S&P Credit Rating Report FY14 dated 09-04-2014.pdf
    document _recordid 536

Regional Water System1 document

  • S&P Credit Rating Report FY22 dated 05-05-2022 (RWS).PDF
    document _recordid 530

Moody's5 documents

  • Moody's Oak Lawn Report FY22 dated 10-07-2022.pdf
    document _recordid 531
  • Moody's Oak Lawn Report FY20 dated 11-13-2020.pdf
    document _recordid 537
  • Moody's Oak Lawn Report FY19 dated 12-23-2019.pdf
    document _recordid 538
  • Moody's Oak Lawn Report FY17 dated 10-11-2017.pdf
    document _recordid 539
  • Moody's Oak Lawn Report FY14 dated 06-24-2014.pdf
    document _recordid 540