Annual Treasurer's Report

Within six months of the close of each fiscal year, Illinois Compiled Statutes require the municipal treasurer to publish an annual accounting of money received and expenditures/expenses incurred within the preceding fiscal year.  This report includes vendors paid in excess of $2,500 as well as employee salaries and wages paid within specified ranges.  This report must be published in a newspaper of general circulation and filed with the Cook County Treasurer's Office by October 31st of each year.

Please contact the Finance Department at (708) 499-7777 for additional information.
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Yearly Treasurer's Reports7 documents

  • 2022 Treasurers Report
    document Header 2022 Treasurers Report
  • 2021 Treasurers Report.pdf
    document Header 2021 Treasurers Report.pdf
  • 2020 Treasurers Report.pdf
    document Header 2020 Treasurers Report.pdf
  • 2019 Treasurers Report (Final).pdf
    document Header 2019 Treasurers Report (Final).pdf
  • 2018 Treasurers Report (Final).pdf
    document Header 2018 Treasurers Report (Final).pdf
  • 2017 Treasurers Report (Final).pdf
    document Header 2017 Treasurers Report (Final).pdf
  • 2016 Treasurers Report (Final).pdf
    document Header 2016 Treasurers Report (Final).pdf