Bike Patrol

In an effort to enhance the relationship between police officers and citizens the Oak Lawn Police Department began a program where police officers ride bicycles on a part time basis. Having officers on bicycles rather than in cars makes them more accessible to the public. Officers are able to go into parks and onto the bike paths, where children see the officers as less intimidating. The unit has been a proven success in deterring illegal activity in the many parks of Oak Lawn. The officers also patrol various business parking lots.

Besides patrolling parks and parking lots, the officers conduct safety awareness talks and events. They speak with children about the importance of following all traffic laws and to always wear a bike safety helmet.

The Bike Patrol Unit utilizes specialized bicycles that are fully equipped with flashing red & blue lights and a siren. Bike officers are available to make appearances at block parties when they are requested. They distribute safety information and coloring books to the children.