Safely Home Program



The Oak Lawn Police Department has a new program for families with loved ones who reside in Oak Lawn and who are dealing with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Autism, or other Developmental Disabilities. This Department has responded to several calls involving persons who have wandered away from home. These individuals because of their conditions either cannot remember where they live or cannot communicate with First Responders trying to return them to their homes and caregivers.
This can be a particularly dangerous situation during periods of extreme weather.
If you have a family member living in Oak Lawn who has one of these conditions the Police Department is asking that you register them in the "SAFELY HOME" program. The registration forms and accompanying photos provide First Responders with information that will aid them in reuniting caregivers with their loved ones as quickly and safely as possible (see sample attachments).

There is no cost to register a loved one in this program and the information provided is only viewable by First Responders.  

Chief Michael Murray in announcing the program said, "We recognize families caring for loved ones with these conditions have concerns for their safety. Should they wander away from home they are at much greater risk of injury because they may not be able to communicate. The SAFELY HOME program provides information to First Responders that can aid us in getting these citizens returned to their loved ones as quickly as possible."
Registration forms are available on this page or can be picked up and returned to the front desk of the Police Department.  (When returning a hard copy registration, please place it in a sealed envelope marked "Safely Home Registration.") Learn more about this program on the Oak Lawn Emergency Management Facebook page.  Media members with additional questions about this program can contact Ofc. Doornbos at jdoornbos@oaklawn-il.gov.

Safely Home Data Collection Forms