Auto Theft

The Auto Theft detail is a subdivision of the Investigations Division. The detectives are responsible for investigating the thefts of all motor vehicles to include, but not limited to automobiles, light duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, tractors, all types of trailers, motorcycles, vessels, and all earth moving equipment.

Many times a vehicle is located without license plates or vehicle identification numbers. It is the responsibility of the investigating detective to identify these vehicles through secondary identification numbers, engine numbers, or transmission numbers. Once these numbers are located, the detective must confirm the stolen status and notify the appropriate reporting agency of the recovery.

The detectives are also responsible for identifying vehicle theft trends. These trends could include specialized vehicles being taken, times or days of thefts, or specific years/models of vehicles targeted. Once these trends have been identified, it is the detectives’ responsibility to disseminate the information so the crimes can be prevented, other incidents can be solved and the perpetrators can be apprehended.