Who do I contact regarding an unkept property?
To notify our Property Maintenance Division click here
What if I have garbage that exceeds the standard guidelines for disposal?
Contact Republic Services, the Village's waste hauler, at 708-385-8252 to arrange for a special pick-up.
What materials are not considered regular household waste?
Auto parts, large construction waste, swimming pools, decks, sheds, chemicals, wet paints, household hazardous waste, automotive fluids, drums, etc. Visit www.earth911.com for possible disposal solutions.
How do I dispose of paint?
  • Latex based paint is not considered Hazardous Waste and can be disposed of in the regular blue toter. The remaining paint needs to dried out which can be accomplished by adding kitty litter or sand.
  • All oil or lead based paint requires disposal at Household Hazardous Waste drop off sites.
Who do I contact regarding a dead animal in the street?
Dead animals in the street can be called into Republic Services at 708-385-8252 or Pubic Works at 708-499-7756. Deceased animals on private property is the responsibility of the homeowner for disposal. Animal must be bagged and discarded in  a garbage receptacle.
Can I use alternate refuse containers other than those provided by the Village?
We encourage use of the toters to assist us in keeping our Village clean by greatly reducing rodent and insect infestation and litter problems. In the event you have an “overflow” of refuse and have more materials than your toter can hold you can utilize additional containers following the guidelines below::

  • All materials must be bagged. 
  • Containers must be no larger than 35 gallon and weigh no more than 50lbs.
All recycling materials must be placed in the tote. Extra material can wait until the following week, taken to our 24 hour recycling site located at the Public Works building at 98th Street and Central, or if left at the curb in other containers, will be considered refuse. If you regularly have surplus recycling material, consider requesting an additional toter at no cost.

Yard Waste
We encourage yard waste totes for collection. They are available for a small price, $40 – an $80 value. However they are not required. Containment requirements for our yard waste are as follows:

  • A yard waste sticker must identify the container and be visible from the street. 
  • Reinforced 33-Gallon Kraft paper bags are acceptable containment. 
  • Yard Waste will NOT be accepted in plastic bags. 
  • Brush or branches are to be properly bundled and tied, so that one person can safely load it into the truck (4’ or less in length, and 50 pounds or less). All stone and dirt must be removed from shrubs.
How do I request a smaller garbage toter?
Senior Citizens that are 65 years of age or older may opt for a smaller 64 or 35 gallon refuse toter. Contact Public Works at 708-499-7756.
How do I get a replacement for a damaged toter?
To have your garbage and/or recycling toter replaced contact the Public Works Department at 708-499-7756. Toters are repaired or replaced on your scheduled garbage day.
When is my garbage day?
  • Pickup is scheduled weekly (refuse, recycling and yard waste) on designated days. 
  • Click here for map of days. 
  • Materials should be placed no earlier than 5:00pm the day prior to your scheduled pickup. 
  • Materials must be placed at the curb no later than 5:30am day of pickup.
What goes in containers?

Blue Toter: Household Garbage
Green Toter: Recyclables
Brown Toter: Yard Waste

All households were issued a garbage and recycle toter in 2007. This toter is now the property of each respective household. If you require additional toter(s):

96 gal Garbage Toter: $60.00
Republic Services (Allied Waste)
(708) 385-8252 or (815) 472-3332 

96 gal Recycling Toter: $ none*
Republic Services (Allied Waste)
(708) 385-8252 or (815) 472-3332 

96 gal Yard Waste Toter: $40.00*
Visit the Village Hall to order.
55 gal Rain Barrels: $51.00
Visit the Village Hall to order.
Click Here for more information.
*while supplies last.
How do I contact Oak Lawn's waste hauler?
Republic Services (Allied Waste) can be reached at the following:

Republic Services (Allied Waste)
(708) 385-8252 or (815) 472-3332

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm 
What if I need the water shut off at my property for internal plumbing repairs?
Contact Public Works Water Department at 708-499-7747. After business hours call the non- emergency Police number at 708-422-8292
Why does the water taste funny in late summer?
The most commonly reported taste and odor problems in Oak Lawn result from two separate and distinct chemical reactions in the water itself. The first of these taste and odor problems is often described as “chlorine smell”. It is generally characterized as drinking water that smells like swimming pool water. Although counter-intuitive, the problem is not too much chlorine, but too little. The chlorine in the water is out of balance with the physical and chemical nature of the water. This results in the “strong” chlorine odor that is objectionable to customers. Typically, this problem disappears in a day or two.

The second and most widely experienced problem is related to algae that grow in Lake Michigan. Simply stated, the chemical compounds geosmin and two methylisoborneal are introduced into the water by the proliferation of blue-green algae. This problem generally manifests itself during the warm summer months. Although the compounds are not harmful, the result is an earthy or musty taste and odor that is objectionable to some customers.
Why does the Village flush the fire hydrants?
This program benefits are two-fold. Number one, this exercise helps remove corrosion and sedimentation buildup in water mains. It also serves as an annual operational check on the condition of fire hydrants.
Who provides the water to the Village of Oak Lawn?
Since 1948 the Village has received treated Lake Michigan water from the City of Chicago. The main water treatment plant is on the lake next to Navy Pier.
Why are all these flags or paint marks on my property?
These markings & flags likely indicate that a JULIE Locate was called for work to be done at your property or area close to your property. It is state law that all excavators, homeowners included, contact JULIE prior to beginning work.
Why do I have to pay to remove parkway tree roots from my sewer line?
Maintenance of each property’s service line is the responsibility of the property owner. Roots enter service lines through cracks or open joints which indicate that the line is in need of repair. Roots do not crack or damage pipes, they enter defects in pipes and expand and grow within the pipe.
Who is responsible for sewer repairs?
Property owners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of their sewer service line from the house to the village sewer main. The Village maintains the system of sewer mains. If you have a backup, always call Public Works first at 708-499-7756. After regular business hours contact the non-emergency Police Department at 708-422-8292.
What should I do in the event of flooding?
If your property is in danger or if your sewer backs up, contact Public Works, Sewer Dept. at (708) 499-7756 during working hours. If it is after hours, please contact the non-emergency police desk at 708-422-8292.
What should not go into the sewers?
Anything that would obstruct the sewer line such as paper towels, diapers, sanitary products and rags; any paint, motor oil, antifreeze or other hazardous chemicals or products.
What is the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago?
The MWRDGC is the regional agency which receives and treats our sewage. They also construct and maintain the deep tunnel storm water system.
Where does all the water go once it is flushed down the toilet or drained from a sink or bathtub?
Sanitary sewage collected by the Village’s system flows to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s mains & then to a treatment plant before being released into the Cal Sag Channel.
My trees are growing into the electrical wires, what do I do?
Contact ComEd at 1-800-edison1.
I have a broken branch in my parkway tree and it is ready to fall, what do I do?
Contact Public Works at (708) 499-7756 immediately. If it is after hours, contact the non-emergency police at 708-422-8292.
I hired a contractor to do some tree work, and now I have tree debris, what do I do?
The Village and the Village’s waste hauler do not collect debris generated from contractors. The contractor must haul away the debris.
I want to plant a parkway tree what do I do?
The Village has a shared cost tree planting program. We plant two times per year, spring and fall. Submit the application and check to the Village of Oak Lawn and the Village Forester will review the site for appropriate species and location. Click here to obtain a tree planting application.
My private tree needs trimming, inspection or removal, what do I do?
Contact a private contractor with an Oak Lawn Business License to inspect and perform any needed work. For a current listing of business licensed tree contractors "Contact Dan Brennan (708) 499-7804 or dbrennan@oaklawn-il.gov
What if my parkway tree is dying or needs trimming?
Contact Department of Public Works, Forestry Division at (708) 499-7098.
What if I see bushes or a tree that obstructs a motorist's view of signage or creates an obstruction at a street corner?
Contact the Department of Public Works at 708-499-7756 to determine whose responsibility it is.
Who maintains trees and landscaping in my rear yard or side yard easement?
Easements are actually the property of the homeowner and therefore landscape and other non-utility maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. If a utility needs maintenance, contact the appropriate utility or Public Works for assistance in determining who is responsible.
How do I dispose of my leaves?
Residents are reminded that Village ordinance prohibits the depositing of leaves from parkways and private property onto the street. Street sweepers will bypass any area where leaves have been raked or blown into the street, and responsible homeowners will be notified to properly dispose of the leaves. Leaves should be mulched, composted or placed in brown paper bags or regular 35 gallon cans affixed with yard waste stickers. Yard waste stickers are available at the Village Hall.
If the parkway is public property, why must I take care of it?
Village maintenance of all parkways would be extremely costly and simply not practical. Parkway trees are maintained by the Village. Defective public sidewalks are also repaired by the Village. Grass cutting, driveway aprons and service walks are maintained by property owners.
What if I want to install lawn sprinklers in the parkway?
Residents must get a permit to install lawn sprinklers in the public parkway. Contact the Building Department at 499-7800 for more information.
What is the parkway?
The parkway is that portion of the public rights-of-way that lies between the street pavement and the front property line. Parkway trees and sidewalks are generally located in this area behind the curb or road shoulder.
What is the 50/50 Sidewalk Program?
The 50/50 Sidewalk Program is a shared cost program through which the Village and the residents share the cost of removal and replacement of sidewalks in front of their home.
I would prefer to have my sidewalks removed and replaced. What is the procedure?
Contact the Department of Public Works, Street Division for possible inclusion in the 50/50 Sidewalk Program @ 708-499-7756.
When can I expect sidewalk replacement work to be completed?
After the initial inspection, the work will be scheduled to take place. While every attempt is made to complete the work in a timely and professional manner; there can be occasions where work does not begin immediately.
What is the cost to have my sidewalk Mudjacked?
There is no charge for this service. The Village will come out and inspect your sidewalks to ensure that they are a good candidate for this process.
What Is Mudjacking ?
Mud jacking or slab jacking is a controlled lift of sunken sidewalk squares or concrete slabs. Concrete is hydraulically pumped underneath the affected area through carefully drilled holes. The pumped concrete fills the voids that are present underground which then causes the sidewalk or slab to lift. The sidewalk is also cut with a saw to prevent breakage.
Who is responsible for the signs on the highways and secondary roads?
While some of the roads are State or County owned; the Village workforce handles 95% of the maintenance of every sign located on these highways. We also maintain 100% of the signs located on Village right-of-way or Village owned parking lots and/or parking structures.