2024 Street Resurfacing

Paving season is here, and the Village of Oak Lawn has the following streets scheduled for resurfacing starting the first week of April.  Please be patient and cautious when driving through our work zones.  Your safety and our street crew's safety is our priority.  Thank you. 


*Tentative order in which the streets will be resurfaced
**Subject to change

1.         51st Ave (96th St north to cul de sac)
2.         Yourell Ave (53rd Ave to 52nd Ave)
3.         96th St (54th Ave to 53rd Ave)
4.         91st St (Central Ave to 54th Ct)
5.         91st St (Austin Ave to Menard Ave)
6.         93rd Pl (Natchez Ave to Ridgeland Ave)
7.         Natchez Ave (93rd Pl to 93rd St)
8.         92nd St (Crescent Ct to Ridgeland Ave)
9.         Crescent Ct (92nd St to 91st St)
10.       91st St (Oak Park Ave to Crescent Ct)
11.       Dumke/Cook Ave
12.       Library Parking Lot
13.       Concrete Alley (Parkside/Central – 94th St to 95th St)

Click here to view a map.