Business Licensing

Apply For A Business License
Are you interested in opening a business in Oak Lawn?
Those that plan to operate a business in Oak Lawn will need to have a business license. You may either download a business license application or request a business license application in person at the Village Hall (Lower Level) at 9446 Raymond Avenue, Oak Lawn, IL. Our Business License Staff will help you navigate the process of receiving your Oak Lawn Business License. He or she may want to review your business plans and discuss your building space and other important components regarding your business license. Prior to leasing or purchasing a business location, you will want to discuss your proposed business activities and potential business property to determine if your business is located in an appropriate zone.  Please call (708) 499-7837.
Do you need other licenses or permits?
You may, depending on the type of business activities that you plan to conduct. There are any number of licenses and/or permits beyond your business license that may pertain to your business and you will likely need to have them in place prior to opening your doors for business. When you meet with the Business License staff, they will be able to determine which licenses, permits, inspections, and/or approvals will be needed for your business activities. Some examples of additional licenses and permits include a liquor license for those that plan to sell or serve alcohol on any part of their business premises, a building permit for remodeling, etc. Some inspections and/or approvals will include a Fire & Life Safety inspection, approval for signs, etc.
What information is required to complete an Oak Lawn business license application?
The following information will be requested:
  1. Whether you own the building where your business is located.
  2. Projected opening date of your business.
  3. If food will be provided as part of your business service.
  4. Whether any alcohol will be sold or served on site.
  5. Type of business: partnership, LLC, solely owned, non-profit, for profit, or corporation.
  6. Name, address, phone number, birthdate, social security number, driver’s license number and email address of owner, co-owner, and contact person.
  7. Legal name, doing business as, physical and mailing address, phone number, emergency phone number, fax number, and an email for your business.
  8. Illinois tax ID number.
  9. A description of the activities that you plan to conduct for your business.
  10. Signature of owner to denote that you have provided only true and accurate information to the best of your knowledge and that you will not operate any business before your business license application is approved.
What costs can you expect to incur?
The license fee may vary, and payment is not due until the application is approved.  There may be additional costs regarding health inspections and other licenses that you may need to pay. Your business license fees will be calculated based on certain criteria and you may receive more specific information from the Business License Officer.
Do you have more questions?
To make an appointment, it is best to contact our Business License staff with questions regarding your business license.  Call (708) 499-7837 or email dadasiak@oaklawn-il.gov.