Finance Department

The Finance Department's primary responsibilities are to safeguard the Village’s assets and fairly present its financial condition. To that end, this office manages the cash and investment portfolio, performs all financial recordkeeping functions, compiles the annual operating budget and issues the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report ("ACFR") detailing the Village’s operating results.  This office consists of six full time employees and one part time employee.   

The goal of this office is to ensure that the Village’s fiscal resources are utilized in an efficient and effective manner. This goal must always be consistent with the stated policy choices of the executive and legislative branches of Village government. To achieve this goal, this office provides broad-based support and assistance to other departments to facilitate the completion of their public duties.

The objectives of this office are to provide timely services to all the residents and departments within the Village; to administer the financial affairs of the Village prudently; to manage the treasury functions of the Village in an efficient and effective manner; and to provide timely financial information to the Village Manager, the Village’s Department Heads and the President and Board of Trustees.