Revenue Reporting

Local government revenues are generated from  Intergovernmental Revenues;  Property Taxes; Other Taxes; Charges for Services; State & Federal Grants; Licenses, Permits & Fees; and Fines & Forfeitures.

The Village collected $63.7 million of general revenues in 2021.  Revenue from  intergovernmental revenues, property taxes and other taxes totaled $49.5 million or 77.6% of local general revenues in 2021 (Figure 1).  An overview of these major revenue sources is provided below:

Intergovernmental Revenues include line items such as Sales Tax, Income Tax, Telecommunication Tax, Use Tax, Personal Property Replacement Tax ("PPRT"), Video Gaming Tax, Charitable Games Tax, Auto Rental Tax and Cannabis Use Tax.  All of these taxes are collected by the State of Illinois and remitted monthly to the Village of Oak Lawn.

Property Taxes refer to the portion the Village levies each fiscal year.  Of the property taxes each property owner pays, the Village makes up only a small portion, approximately 10.3%.  Other taxing bodies make up the remaining portion.  See "Property Tax Rates - Direct and Overlapping Governments by District Boundaries" located in the statistical section of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for further detail.

Other Taxes include line items such as Home-Rule tax, Sales Tax, Utility Taxes, Gas Use Tax, Hotel/Motel Tax, Real Estate Transfer Tax, Special Service Area Tax, and Push Tax.  The Illinois Municipal Code authorizes Home-Rule units of Government to impose these taxes.

Charges for Services involve certain services that are provided that benefit a particular group.  The Village will apply charges and fees on the direct recipients of those that receive benefits from such services.

Licensing, Permits and Fees involve the Village issuing business licenses and regulating business activities of industries as diverse as retail, food & liquor establishments, hospital, rental properties, towing and waster haulers, just to name a few.

Fines and Forfeitures include parking and speeding tickets (including those from traffic cameras), court imposed fees used to cover administrative costs and other criminal justice related charges and fines.

Please contact the Finance Department at (708) 499-7777 for additional information.

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