Police Department


The Oak lawn Police Department, in partnership with the citizens of Oak Lawn, recognizes the needs of our community and law enforcement's role on addressing those needs. We pledge excellence, initiative, and integrity to enhance the quality of life throughout the Village, knowing those we serve deserve no less.

To fulfill our mission, we are committed to reduce crime, and the perception of crime and fear, through the use of problems solving tactics embedded in a community-oriented policing strategy.

We will emphasize corroboration and vital linking with all law enforcement agencies as well as partnerships with community and neighborhood organizations. This includes the prevention of crime and the detection and apprehension of offenders; to provide for the orderly and safe movement of vehicular traffic through enforcement, prevention, education, and investigation; to ensure public safety through regulation and control of hazardous conditions; and to pride non-enforcement services through programs reflecting community needs and desires.

We will recognize that employees are the most important asset of the Oak Lawn Police Department and only through teamwork, training, mutual respect, and cooperation can the community be best served.

We will foster a work environment that encourages open communication and affords trust, respect, and support for each member without regard for race, religion, gender, or origin.

We will maintain the highest respect for the constitutional rights and personal dignity of all people we come in contact with providing police service of the highest professional quality grounded by our core values of courage, competence, commitment, compassion, integrity, restraint, and respect.

Through openness, accessibility, and receptiveness we will be better able to respond to the needs of our evolving and diverse community who has put its faith and trust in the members of the Oak Lawn Police Department.

Please follow the Oak Lawn Police Department on Twitter @OakLawnPD. You will receive information about ongoing traffic problems, emergency incidents, upcoming events and news about the Oak Lawn Police Department. 

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