Traffic Review Committee Information


The Traffic Review Committee meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:30PM in the  auditorium on the second floor of Village Hall at 9446 Raymond Avenue.  The petitioner, or a spokesperson, is required to attend the Traffic Review Committee meeting where the request will be discussed.

To ensure placement on the Committee’s next agenda, the petitioner needs to return a completed “Request for Traffic Control Devices” form to the Department of Community Development, located in the lower level of Village Hall, no later than Wednesday morning of the week prior to the week of the Traffic Review Committee meeting.  There is no fee to appear before this Committee.

Please note:  the reverse side of the request form has signature lines for names and addresses of individuals who reside on your block (and/or in your neighborhood), and are in agreement with your request; however, only one (1) signature is allowed per residence.  Also, the petitioner’s name, address and phone number is required at the lower right-hand side of the request form.

For more information please contact the Engineering Division at (708) 499-7814.