The Village of Oak Lawn is a Tree City USA since 1996 and a recipient of a Growth Award 8 years. The Village of Oak Lawn recognizes that trees beautify and lend value to our homes, neighborhoods, parks and business areas. At the same time, trees conserve energy, help clean the air, protect rivers and streams, and provide a habitat for wildlife. The Village maintains over 18,000 parkway trees. The Village offers a variety of programs to encourage parkway tree planting and maintenance in the community.

The Forestry division receives a high volume of requests for inspection of parkway trees. Once a request is logged, a certified arborist will inspect the parkway tree(s) and leave a door hanger and advise or schedule the next steps that should be taken to care for the tree.

If a parkway tree dies, the village will remove it, grind out the stump and place soil. 

For trees growing into/through power lines/primaries, please contact:
Com-Ed at 800-334-7661

Click here for Online Service Request

For more information please call the Forestry Division, Monday through Friday at (708)499-7098.