The Village of Oak Lawn requires a point-of-sale sewer inspection prior to transfer of property.  The Village is inspecting private sewer systems to confirm compliance with Village Code 9-4D-11, which requires no discharge of infiltration and inflow into the sewer system.  This inspection program is being implemented to reduce the risk of sewer backups into basements.

To schedule a point-of-sale sewer inspection, please call 708-499-7775.

The primary function of the Sewer Division is the maintenance & repair of the sewer system throughout the Village of Oak Lawn. It is composed of two separate entities, a sanitary system which handles wastewater or dirty water and a storm system which handles rain water or clean water. 


The Village of Oak Lawn’s Sewer Department maintains over 120 miles of sanitary mains which are interconnected with over 4,100 sanitary manholes & four lift stations. These sewers collect the wastewater from homes & businesses throughout the Village of Oak Lawn & eventually flow to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago’s Main System,


The Village of Oak Lawn’s Sewer Department also maintains over 116 miles of storm mains which like the sanitary system are interconnected with over 950 storm manholes (Solid Lids) which are fed by over 4,300 storm basins (Open Grates) & two lift stations. This system eventually feeds into the Stoney Creek, Oak Lawn Creek, Melvina Ditch or a deep tunnel connection provided by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

For a sewer related question or emergency, please contact the Sewer Division at (708) 499-7748 during work hours.  If it is after hours, please contact the Non-Emergency Police Desk at (708) 422-8292.

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